Starlight Inception ups the ante for donations

Still haven't invested in the Vita's first crowd-funded game? The project is approach one-third of its funding and has over two weeks to go. Here are some more options that might tempt you...

PLEDGE $45 OR MORE  -  Special Edition of Starlight Inception - includes both PC and Playstation Vita versions, includes digital game soundtrack, all future DLC, and all previous reward tiers. Please note that adding $15 to any reward tier also will get you a copy of both versions - you just have to send us a note saying that you would like both.  Also note that this tier does not count as a previous reward, but just adding $15 to any other tier, as stated above, will get you the other version.

Just a reminder too that adding $15 to any reward tier will get you a second version of the game - you just have to send us a note saying you'd like a second version. On TB's advice, we've also tweaked the $500 pledge to include your name on the side of a fighter in the game, IN ADDITION to the previously offered hoodie and previous rewards.