Soul Sacrifice to rise up on the Vita

From out of nowhere comes a six page advert in the new Famitsu magazine in Japan for an all-new PS Vita game. Andriasang has the translated details, the highlights of which are:
The first page shows four characters fighting a giant three headed beast. This page has those key words that we mentioned earlier -- story of magicians, evolved combat, and real fantasy shown in high spec.
The second page shows a number of illustrations of demons and monsters, presumably your enemies. Text on this page reads, "Are you ready?"

UPDATE: Found the pics here, here's the first one, will add the rest as they get posted.

Full details will be announced at a press conference in Japan on May 10. What with a new PS3 game being unveiled on May 3, Sony is getting into gear for E3.

At the moment, can't find any scans. You'd think with all their technology, one keen early reader could put up some photos or scans. Given it has Soul in the title, folks are jumping to conclusions about a Demon Souls or Dark Souls spin-off, but its more likely to be a Sony effort at a monster hunter game, based on the description.