Sony's E3 Show on June 4

If there was ever a moment for Sony to stop acting like a dinosaur enterprise, pull its thumb out its butt and get down with its core audience, this is it. Now the company is being slimmed down, focusing on games and media, Sony can stop pissing around with boring PowerPoint slides and hit users hard, in the face, with great new games, not washed-up sequels.

Oh, hang on, this is Sony we're talking about. Expect a shitfest of media crap touting some half-baked discussion on the merits of PSOne games played on a Sony tablet. The show takes place at 6PM at the Memorial Sports Arena, LA. That does make it 2AM UK, but hey - its still going to be fun covering it.

My plan would be:

Call it "Back to the Core"
Only allow games with death, fast cars, aliens and slavering monsters to be shown
Only show games to be released in 2012 (alright, by Summer 2013)
Flog the Vita until it bleeds

Seriously Sony, the last few events I've seen have bored me to tears. Sure Microsoft went the wrong way with its E3 circus theme a few years back, but its time to start letting things hang out again and not just have an endless line of suits touting irrelevant features.