Resistance: Burning Skies Survival mode shown off

A new PS Blog update goes into a little detail on the game's multiplayer survival mode. It is basically a tug of war, with each victim turning to the other side, be it human or Chimera. So, the balance of power constantly shifts as one side hunts the other down.

Tactics come more into play in this mode, as the blog explains:
"The first thing, and actually contrary to traditional MP gameplay, is that staying still actually works to your advantage. You might want to try and get behind players so as they start searching an area, you can actually hop back against their search pattern. Dark areas are your friend! We’ve also found that you don’t want to hide next to areas like steam vents because, although obscuring, the motion tends to attract attention."
With this, Mortal Kombat, Gravity Daze and more on the way, it looks like the Vita's drought is soon to be over.