PS Vita to get some Sunflowers

When the sun is out, nothing likes prettier than a field full of Sunflowers. Even when its pissing it down, you'll be able to recreate the experience with a new game from the makers of PSP mini Flying Hamsters. In it, your aim is to grow the flowers by controlling the sun and dropping the right elements through the clouds.

Just had a quick chat with the developers and they've offered some more detail:

  • The game uses the PS Vita vertically only
  • Touchscreen and/or rear touchpad can be used for moving the Sun
  • Tapping Touchscreen/rear touchpad and/or L/R buttons can be used for shooting
  • Shaking the device (using the accelerometer) is used to get rid of dead leaves on Autumn levels
  • The camera is used to catch the ambient light during specific dusk tropical stages

Specifically a PS Vita release, it uses all the system's interfaces such as shaking and the touchscreen, and it plays with the screen held in portrait, which is a first, I think. With its bright visuals, tinkly tunes, if it was any jollier, it would explode in rainbows. Expect a release and a demo soon, with its classic, immediate style of hook, this looks like a winner.