New PS Vita Firmware 1.67 out, much ado about nothing

Now available for download, the new update doesn't seem to do much. It fixed a problem with Dream Club Portable for Japanese users yesterday. 1.67 is 94Mb big and will take a few minutes of your life to achieve absolutely nothing. I do hate it when any company does these noddy updates.

The last update had few unlisted benefits, so we'll wait and see if eager users find any additional benefits before firmly tagging this under "waste of space." Just in case Sony has forgotten, the list of things it needs to fix is:

PS One game support
PS3-Vita Online ID equalisation
PS2 Support (the hardware can clearly do it, so come on Sony!)
TV out (I'll happily buy a lead or HDWiFi dongle)

Anything else you can think of?


  1. Yea, get more of the PSP titles to work on the Vita. Noteably Gran turismo, Fat Princess, Rock Band, and plenty more. Obviously a flash player for the browser, or a youtube application. Last of all reduce the cost of the Persona games in the UK like you have done for the US store!!

  2. The older Persona titles were on-sale not long ago, might still be there. But its up to Ghostlight when the prices come down in Europe. As a niche product, I can't see that happening for a while.

  3. Only the first Persona title has been on sale in the UK/EU store at £7.99 as part of the "Essentials" list. All the others are £27.99 which compared to the US equivalent working out at £7.99 for Persona 3 is a bit of a kick in the teeth for EU gamers.

  4. There was a bit of a sale sometime back, and the double-packs. Perhaps when they hit the year-old mark (in May), Ghostlight will trim the prices... Note the brand new PSP sale though -


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