More PSP price drops on the PSN: Gran Turismo, God of War Syphon Filter and more

Sony has dropped the prices of a bunch of PSP games including Gran Turismo, the Syphon Filter and God of War titles to drum up some business from PSP and Vita owners. Prices seem to all be £6.99, €7.99 and not all games may be Vita compatible, check on the store to be sure.

The list includes: SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3, Jungle Party, White Knight Chronicles Origins, Patapon 3, Echoshift, Gangs of London, God of War, Gran Turismo, Jak & Daxter, Killzone: Liberation, Little Big Planet, Resistance Retribution, Syphon Filter and Key of Heaven.

So if you stupidly brought them on UMD and now want to try them on your Vita, they probably won't get any cheaper. Hope the sale stays in place until pay day, and you all have enough memory card space... or is this an effort by Sony to sell more of those too?