Is the Vita's OLED really a Super AMOLED?

While I love the Vita's screen, regardless of the actual tech behind it, the enquiring minds of Digital Versus have taken a peek with their digital sensors and microscopes. They think that the screen is actually identical to the type used in the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone. Which is a Super AMOLED according to the spec sheets.

This is what the Bionic Man sees when playing Uncharted

Interesting to see what's going on here, these guys seem to know their stuff. More practically, they also find that the screen isn't all that bright (my own garden gaming experiences bear this out) and it doesn't reproduce colour brilliantly, but hey - this is a games machine and as long as the blood runs red (or green) who really cares.

Like I said, I'm not phased what technology is just seems odd Sony would have a better technology screen and even if it isn't an SA screen, at least badge it SA-class as Apple has done with its Retina branding.