God of War doesn't fancy it on the Vita

So, you've got a slick new handheld console and you want to market it to as many people as possible. Do you:

A) Bring your hottest properties to the console?

B) Give them a free paint app?

Well, this week Sony went with B, as the new God of War game, outed by Amazon, will be a PS3 exclusive. So, when Sony executives were sat on stage talking about this near-PS3 experience you were getting on the Vita, they clearly forgot to tell their own Santa Monica Studios.

I'm not saying Sony has given up all hope, we're getting a Resistance game after all, and some sort of Call of Duty and a Bioshock title from third parties, but God of War is huge and putting it on the Vita would signal Sony's intent and highlight the power of the Vita.

Perhaps we'll get a God of War game eventually, but given their success on the PSP, this was a no-brainer that Sony has flubbed horribly.