Finally, some PS One games for PlayStation-Certified Phones

Got an Xperia Play or the new Sony Xperia S? Want some PS One games for it, well you've been out of luck for ages, unless Sony has just stopped sending out press releases. However, looks like the wheels on that wagon are starting to move again with a bunch of old (new) titles hitting the PlayStation Certified Store.

Among the Disney crud are some goodies with Tekken, Ridge Racer T4 and Grandia, plus an Oddworld to enjoy. The prices are a bit off in places, but hey, there's always that emulator if you own the original. 
  •     International Track & Field - £3.99
  •     Tekken - £3.99
  •     Ridge Racer Type 4 - £3.99
  •     Grandia - £6.29
  •     Toy Story Racer - £4.79
  •     Toy Story 2 - £4.49
  •     Mickey's Wild Adventure - £4.79
  •     Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire - £5.19
  •     A Bug's Life - £3.99
  •     Rascal Racers - £2.39
  •     Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey - £3.99
They also work on those new Sony tablets, but I don't know anyone who has brought one of those!