EU PSN Update (18 April) Anyone for Chess?

This week the Vita gets the gorgeous Pure Chess (£5.19), plus Paint Park, the free photo and drawing app. PSP and Vita owners can enjoy the very classic Dragon's Lair (£6.49).

Remember there's also a huge number of PSP games now available pretty cheap and a bunch of new minis out for the PSP and Vita, both the top two games below have had awesome reviews around the sites (Floating God got an 8 from Edge) and Fortix is a classic iPad game:

Defenders Of The Mystic Garden (Twisted Dragon)

Floating Cloud God Saves The Pilgrims (Dakko Dakko)

Knight Fortix 2 (Nemesys Games)

Ikari III: The Rescue (SNK)

And not forgetting some more DLC for MotorStorm RC, Dynasty Warriors Next and Katamari.