Capcom's Captivate reveals... Street Fighter X Tekken

Well, leaks have already dropped for the new Resident Evil, yet more adventures on that Lost Planet and Devil May Cry for the big consoles, but anything for the Vita?

Well, there's confirmation of the known-about-since-last-year Tekken X Street Fighter which lets Capcom take the reins of the pummelling series. Not much of the news about it is new, but it will feature cross-play between the PS3 and PS Vita editions. There will be 12 new characters (Dudley and Elena; Christie and Lei; Sakura and Blanka; Lars and Alisa; Brian Fury and Jack X; Guy and Cody) that will appear as DLC for the PS3 version and it adds to the Vita's awesome roster of fighting games.

Is this the news we wanted to hear from Capcom? Ummm, no. Looks like the Japanese gaming community will continue to flock to the 3DS for the latest Monster Hunting titles. The Vita has plenty of great fighting games, so one more is neither here nor there. Capcom could at least have tried to bring one of its main console titles across.