An Android-powered PSP - the Axis of Evil strikes

With offices in China and Iran, the company behind this device are clearly the sort of people the CIA should be nuking from orbit. Not only has this Axis of Gaming Evil blatantly ripped off the PSP (if the JXD S5510 actually exists) almost completely, down to the shapes on the buttons (and the company has form, with a number of rip-offs).

The device (covered in Wired) is basically an under-powered Xperia Play in a PSP-alike casing, capable of playing Android games and loads of emulators, which is kinda good, and the button layout makes it the perfect classic-gaming platform.

However, whatever dodgy factory this came out of is likely to explode mysteriously any time soon and its appearance in any western market would be followed rapidly by sirens, assault rifles and laywers.

Specs include:
 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
5-inch, 800×480 capacitive touch screen (lower res but the same size as the Vita
HDMI output (one up on the Vita)
Amlogic M3 processor
microSD slot (another one up on the Vita)