UK store site leaks GTA, Monster Hunter, Innocence R and Type-0 HD for Vita, a UK game retailer has put up, and then taken down (rather quickly) links for four new PS Vita games likely to be announced at Sony's event on Friday.

UPDATE: A staff member says only the MH3 entry was real, while the others never existed, someone create fakes based on the one valid entry. Still, we live in hope.

The titles are no real surprises, but still good to hear, they are:

  • Monster Hunter 3,
  • GTA Vice City Stories,
  • Tales of Innocence R,
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Tales of is already out in Japan and GTA was rumoured a week or so ago. It would make sense for HD versions of the Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter games to head our way. The Monster Hunter page is still up at the site with some horrifically bodged up artwork.

Any one of those games would goose sales, but all four should give the Vita a healthy kick in the right direction on any continent. Monster Hunter on the PSP sold over four million copies and gamers will be eager to continue their adventures on the Vita.