Resistance Burning Skies gets a new arty trailer.

Sorry Zipper, but Unit 13 is pretty much a warm up for the main act in the PS Vita's first round of shooters. That being Sony's own Resistance Burning Skies where a humble fireman is the hero, as opposed to some hulking squaddies

The new trailer is half-art/half-kill-shot-fest but promises bags of proper twin stick action with extreme peril and  death by axe. What's not to like? The story starts in August 1951: The Attack on America Begins.......Set in a brutal, alternate 1950s universe, Resistance: Burning Skies puts you in the centre of the first Chimeran invasion of America. You play as New York firefighter Tom Riley, who responds to a routine 911 call and comes face-to-face with the brutal Chimera in the initial days of their invasion on the east Coast of the US. He is separated from his wife and daughter and must make the decision to takes up arms against the invading force to locate them. Resistance: Burning Skies has been built from the ground up for the PSVITA and will be the first portable FPS to give you true, Dual-Analog control.