PS Vita Review: Treasures of Montezuma Blitz

I loved the PSP mini version of the full game, but this is a stripped down, faster-paced edition -- denoted by the Blitz title. In this version, you have just a minute to throw together lines of three or more tokens by swapping adjacent pairs.

The touch controls are simple, just swipe one token to the next, but take careful aim when in a rush as its easy enough to move the wrong one, with unintended consequences. The more you get together in sequence, the more points you get and by creating lines with gems in you can increase the score multiplier.

Play the game enough and you can level up which allows you to use totems or bonus icons on the board to increase your scoring power, extend the clock or create more destructive moves. Slowing you down is a play limit, which gives you five goes in a row, then you need to wait a bit for the life meter to replenish. Or you can pay 79p/99c for an upgrade - a very smartphone like feature.

Also, don't spend all your gems on totem upgrades, as each game costs gems to play and you might have to pay for more once you run out, or wait for your daily scratchcard where you can win some more credit. One neat option will let you share, if you have a friend online, they can gift you some funds via Near (a subtle touch).

UPDATE: Here's a tip, don't play it for a few weeks, when you come back, you get stacks of credits and double-points, and will probably never have to pay an IAP again.

Immediately likeable and great fun to play, there's no excuse not to try it as its free and it makes a great "quick play" game you can have a quick burst on before putting away for something more involved. My only complaint is that manual has nothing about the gameplay at all and the tips provided aren't really clear enough, if you're new to the game -- but it won't take too long to figure everything out. It should also clearly point out the paid-for elements before you start, something that some are finding rather a rip-off.

Oh, and I hate when your Vita goes into Standby mode and the game has to re-find the network with the requisite battery of Please Wait screens - it looks really ugly and unclassy. Something either Sony or the developers need to fix.

Developer: Alawar
Price: Free
Score: 7/10
Progress: Level 40
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  1. Very correct about the game manual missing details about the 'freemium' payment model, plus how to play – a major oversight. Looks good and plays as expected for a match 3 game, but Sony shouldn't be allowing this to be released without correct documentation and explanation.


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