Icon Games talk about PS Vita development and Sony's policiies

Icon has a decent history of smartphone and PSP mini game development, and is toying around with the PS Vita. Some recent blog posts (parts one and two) have discussed their efforts and suggested a few things Sony could do to make publishing easier and better.

A few key phrases:

BUT…It all ran at about 5 FPS! Not too much of an issue though as we added it all in a very non-optimal way initially, just to get it up and running. So the last few days have been spent on some serious optimisations, with a fair bit of back-and-forth with SCEE tech guys (thanks chaps – much appreciatedJ). We’re up to around the 20 FPS mark now but we’ve had to make a compromise and drop SSAO – although we’re looking at adding AO into the light map baking pipeline, which would then make it a ‘free’ effect (i.e. not taking up any GPU time).

Our suggestions to Sony: We’d like to suggest relaxing IPA a little (or ideally removing it completely) and for Sony to encourage all type of game experiences from AAA through to bite-sized casual gaming experiences (PSVita Minis PLEASE!). Also – let us Minis publishers release Vita specific enhanced versions of our existing Minis.  

Any other smaller developers twiddling away with their Vita kits? Let us know how its going.