How to protect your PS Vita, casing the cases!

After the first few weeks of looking lovingly at your PS Vita, naked as nature intended, you've probably noticed the first tiny scuffs on the metal rim, ugly smears on the screen or worse. You finally realise its time to get some protection and there's plenty on offer in the big wide world.

For a start there's the official PS Vita starter pack with not one but two cases (well a wrap around case and a pouch) along with a wrist strap, cloth and screen protector. Generally available for £19.99, that's the first line of defence for my PSV, but nothing I'd be happy using for deep storage or heavy travel.

A little more protection comes in the form of's range of pouches and travel cases with a neat colour detail. Excellent value from only £10 and officially licensed too.

For those looking for something a little tougher there are a number of companies offering hard plastic shells, I really liked my Logitech case-of-indestructibility on the PSP, but with the Vita, they all look rather clumsy, even Mad Catz's Armor Shell effort, even though its only £7 on Amazon.

Finally, if you want to look a bit different, Thrustmaster has some very neat cases for the Vita, available either as an Uncharted styled design, or in plain black. With bags of padding, this is the ultimate resting place for a Vita to avoid it going to that other ultimate resting place for dead consoles.