Get ready for a Retro City Rampage, for a price

Notice how the best games on the Vita cost £5+, none of this 99p business, yet. Well expect that mark to move a little higher when V-Blank brings us Retro City Rampage later this year. The game which plays like an old-school Grand Theft Auto title is packed with sprite-based explosive action and violence.

Retro City Rampage 2012 Teaser Trailer from Vblank on Vimeo.

The dinky sprites won't mean a dinky price tag with developer Brian Provinciano happy to slap a $15 (£10) price tag on the game. As long as the game delivers, I'll be happy to pay up. But it begs the question was the year (or two) of the 99p game just a passing phase as we embraced smartphones - now that games developers realise the potential and worth of their creations on app stores for any device (and RCR will be out on pretty much every platform) - are things looking up in terms of price and quality. I certainly hope so.