Vita to sell 12 million in 2012?

So says some analyst or other in an MCV story. His main issue being that Sony needs to cut the price. Guess what genius, Sony has a month until the Easter sales, when it will sell as many Vitas as it can at the launch price. Then we have the dog days of summer, when no one's buying anything much - so it doesn't matter what the price is.

Finally, come September things start getting interesting, and at that point - probably in November, Sony can go "PRICE CUT" and kick off a festive season of sales like no other... ignoring consumer's fickle demand for the new iPhone, Amazon's Kindle Fire, iPad 3s and whatever else the world can throw at us. Gamers will only have the Wii U to distract them, in the new-stuff stakes, so Sony has a fairly easy ride here.

I'm fairly confident that's pencilled in at Sony and retailers - remembering Japan doesn't have Easter or Christmas, so it can make a price cut according to its own needs. So, while the calls will start for a price cut whatever Sony sells in the next couple of months, it won't happen until the Autumn because it simply doesn't need to happen any earlier.

Of course, this ignores the current recession where no one has much money to spare, especially for a purely luxury item. At least iPhone users can get away with the "its just a phone" excuse as they tuck into another go on Temple Run. That's the real reason the games industry is tanking, nothing to do with what hardware or games are being produced.