Velocity to be the best PSP mini ever!

Okay, that's an interesting boast. But FuturLab, the folks behind the fun-and-speedy Coconut Dodge are sticking their necks out with it in their latest press release for Velocity. It looks and sounds like a classic 8-bit shooter with a cool teleport mechanic to spice things up.

UPDATE: This game hit the US PSN and should be out in Europe today.

Just sniff the screen and you get hints of Uridium, a waft of Galaga, some Salamander and many other titles, just from the look, the audio and soundtrack. Check out some pics here.

From the press release: FuturLab reveals Velocity, raises the bar for PlayStation minis. ‘Velocity’ is a scrolling shooter unlike any other which features an innovative teleport mechanic, allowing players to jump around the screen and return to previous areas of a level to solve time sensitive logic puzzles.

From James Marsden, FuturLab's Managing Director:
“We’ve achieved some notable innovations within the shoot ‘em-up genre, to the point where Velocity not only lives up to fond memories of shoot ‘em-up classics, but goes several steps further by introducing something completely new and exciting – teleportation! It also features a phenomenal soundtrack from Joris de Man, winner of an Ivor Novello award for his work on the Killzone series for PS3.”

Robin Jubber, Supreme Technical Commander added:
"Speaking as a handsome man, I can confirm this is just the sort of astonishing programming masterpiece I like to play, when I'm winding down after a nine hour coital marathon. With its fluid 60fps gameplay and remarkable hidden features, it very much reminds me of me. As an extra bonus, space is black, so you can always see your face in the Vita’s shiny screen. Modest yet beautiful men like me will find this game as polished as my Superbike. I like to watch my name in the credits while marveling at the sharpness of the font. Buy Velocity now, and earn my manly respect!"

The official Velocity website is now live, as is the Facebook page where artwork and screenshots can be viewed, as well as back story.