PS Vita digital games priced... cheap as fish and chips

Having enjoyed the minis range on the PSP, expect a huge amount more content on the Vita as it aims to cater to both big, posh games and the growing mobile gaming dynamic. The first digital only games have been priced up and range across a fish and chips to a takeaway Chinese meal for two price bracket.

  •     Escape Plan: £9.99
  •     Top Darts: £6.49
  •     Hustle Kings: £6.49
  •     Super Stardust: Delta: £6.49
  •     MotorStorm RC: £4.79
I'd happily buy most of them at those prices and as long as Sony can keep the content coming and also fill in the gaps at the price-of-a-Mars Bar duo gaming range favoured by the iPhone mob, then I'll be delighted. 


  1. This is Euro price's is it in EURO or GBP " Great British Pound " ?


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