Little King to reign in March

Konami's Little King Story for the Vita will launch in Japan on the 29 March, as a full sequel to the Wii original. It will be available in a box and as a slightly cheaper download

The official site has some very pretty looking screens and a guide to the Vita's touch controls. And, if we do the magic translation thingy, explains the game as follows. ""Kingdom Arupoko" people live happily.
This is the story of the boy king to rule this country. One day, a ball was being held at the castle .... Then suddenly, with the emergence of monsters in the castle, roar. Will be deprived of the monsters of the castle. Escaped from the king for one's life is hidden passage, you witnessed it is burning his own castle."

So, typical straightforward RPG fare.But, with party combat and tactics key to the game, and cute little armies at your beck and call, it looks like Little King Story could have big ambitions.