Japan's Software and Hardware Charts, Vita Adrift

While we wait a few months to see how the Sony Vita does on launch in Europe, the Japanese get the latest blow-by-blow account of the Vita's stuttering start.... and its still on a steady slide down, despite the recent good game launches and presumably a truck load of marketing by Sony. With discounts kicking in, the only thing that can really turn it around has to be the lurking Monster Hunter announcement.

Hardware sales

3DS 94,667
PS3 21,993
PSP 14,824
PSV 12,309

Software (Vita only)

Gravity Daze manages to cling on the top 10 while the second game, a new entry doesn't look like one headed for western shores anytime soon.

10 - Gravity Daze 10,219 (53,680)
15  - Kyokugen Dasshutsu ADV: Zennin Shiboudesu 6,538 (New)

Check out the full charts here.