F1 2011 producer discusses Vita features

Over on Pocket Gamer, they have a pretty detailed discussion with producer Dean Scott about the PS Vita's first serious racing game, he seems to confirm it just looks better in action, rather than the screenshots and direct video that looks so murky, and that seems to be confirmed by the off-screen footage.

There are a few changes from the PS3 game with no more interviews, but instead there is a big challenge in the career mode and while there isn't full season multiplayer, you can still get mates together for a sesh:

Instead, we have an entirely new game mode consisting of 60 one-off challenges. It's a well-worn cliché to talk about 'gaming on the go', but the reality is that for every person that wants to do a full distance race there's another who doesn't have two hours to spare.
 So, perhaps this might be a game to go for, especially with the pre-season testing just kicking off and those horrible-nosed new cars kicking around, not sure I'd go for the F1 2012 edition.