Sony France "confirms" Monster Hunter Vita

I've said all along that Capcom's love in with Nintendo was a time-limited deal, but was worried it was a rather longer than usual one - to the extent that I wonder how much of Nintendo's recent losses came from paying Capcom for their loyalty.

Anyhow, the boss of Sony France has let the Feylene out of the bag with a hint that Monster Hunter Vita will be appearing on the console this year. That just leaves the question which version? Assuming its a 4G or 4V, I guess that help Sony happily shift 4 to 5 million Vitas and we'll be wondering what all the fuss was about. That's assuming the Monster Hunter armies aren't all happy playing on their 3DS or using the PSP version on their Vita (above) - but I figure Capcom will have something special to help move Japan's gamers on to the next version.

Capcom said it has no official comment to make, which means its still furiously typing up a press release.