Some stores in Japan cutting 3G Vita price

I wouldn't read too much into this as an overall Vita strategy, but a few stores in Japan have lopped 20% off the price of the 3G model to help it out the door. This apparently sold a lot less than the WiFi model, as you'd expect and my guess is they want to get rid of them quickly in case sales don't recover.

Will this by the PSP Go of the Vita family? I can't see it selling brilliantly in the west, as many gamers already have one big mobile bill to deal with and thought it would do better in Japan. If retailers don't see it like that then Sony may have a problem, but one it can deal with by limited discounts, bundling in phone stores and so on.

I don't think it will affect the WiFi model's price until Sony absolutely has to cut it. Give that about four months as a personal guess.