So Sony, where's the 4G PS Vita then?

Sony seems pretty proud of its 3G PS Vita, but you have to wonder - given the next iPhone, iPad will have, and endless Androids already have, 4G - when the first update to the PS Vita line-up will hit, and will it massively improve the online experience?

Simply put - in an area of decent reception - 4G should give you broadband-like performance from a mobile network. Realistically, that will be quite slow broadband compared to your typical 20Mbit cable connection, but enough for gaming purposes and decent sized downloads. But, expect to be charged quite a bit by the phone network for such luxury.

While 4G is rocking metropolitan American and Japan, its pretty rare elsewhere and will only really be taking off in 2013/14, which gives Sony some time to put a decent package together. Technically, all it needs to do is add a new radio in the Vita and update the software, so it won't be a big change to the look of the unit.

Current 4G radios suck battery juice pretty quickly, which is why Apple has held off on adding 4G to the iPhone until now, when more power-friendly models are becoming available. That's one reason why Sony didn't start with a 4G model, the fact it would be a pretty niche device being the main one.

However, by going 4G it allows for a braver push into online gaming on the go. Sony could have a bunch of  new games and apps specifically for 4G users. Only the wider roll out of the networks and the fact it would make for a pretty expensive (and surely aimed at adults) package, is holding things up, but expect a 4G Vita at some point in the next year or two.