No sign of PS Vita piracy, yet!

Some good news for Sony must be that (after only a brief look admittedly) there are no PS Vita ROMs floating about on BitTorrent. The PSP suffered horribly from piracy after an early crack in its DRM and the Vita, in its fledgling state, must be a tempting target for crackers.

There has been some discussion of chinks in the armour, but nothing concrete has been seen and while PSP homebrew might still make it over, due to backwards compatibility, the Vita's core strength of big new games seems to be intact for now.

Personally, I hope it stays that way purely because Sony and other developers can't afford to lose a cent in these tough times. And, while I have to wait for games to go cheap on Amazon or on PSN before I pick them up, I'd rather support the industry than rip off developers by going down the piracy or pre-owned route.