Is 2012 the year of tablet gaming?

The PS Vita has more of a grown-up gamer appeal to it than the 3DS, and Sony as a company has that slight adult vibe to it, whereas Nintendo is often seen as 'for the kids'. Microsoft, well kids love the Xbox, but its PC side is pretty much grown-up territory. That theme and sense of target audience could soon be threatened by the rise of tablet gaming and one device in particular shows the way forward.

Sure, its expensive, but Razer's Project Fiona PC gaming tablet at around $1,000 could be the executive toy of choice for serious gamers who want to get away from their big rigs or massive gaming notebooks. Expect this beast to hit the streets at the end of the year.

Of course, it only takes a decent controller gadget or a popular wireless controller and full-on console-style tablet gaming will take off massively. Game publishers will flock to launch their existing wares on iOS and Android where some 200 million new gamers are ready to be fed quality titles.

With this year's tablets soon to packing quad core processors, monster GFX chips and packing plenty of RAM, could 2012 be the year of tablet gaming, something that will kick consoles, traditional handhelds and the like into the fringes?