Icon publishes its PSP Mini sales figures

As Nintendo asks indie developer Icon to pull its WiiWare sales figures off the site, I noticed that it lists its PSN sales happily. So if you wondered how much a PSN mini can sell, check out this list for a guide.

Bashi Blocks: 83,595
Arcade Air Hockey and Bowling 24,818
Arcade Darts 16,069
Arcade Pool and Snooker 3,410
Family Games 8,829
Vertigo 960

With Sony struggling in the Japanese charts due to Vita's digital-heavy features, how long before all these numbers need to be made official? The move certainly make Nintendo look more old-fashioned and anally retentive than it already is.

After the Nintendo kerfuffle, Icon spoke to PocketGamer about its plans for the Vita, praising Sony's approach to minis above its rivals, saying:

PSP/PSN has been your strongest platform. Why do you think this is the case?
I think the key aspect is how well Sony has promoted the Minis. It has run several exclusive promotions and offers for Minis titles, and you are also free to set the pricing and run your own special offers and sales. Add to this the PSP Plus service and you have so many ways to get your game noticed and downloaded. Hats off to Sony for such a brilliant, developer friendly initiative.
Let's hope Sony keeps attracting new developers in this way for the Vita.