Tales of... demo frenzy on the PS Vita

Today the PSV gets a Super Stardust (aka Starstrike) Delta demo, to coincide with the download-only game in Japan, plusa Ragnarok demo, which comes with a special video if you complete all the quests it has to offer. Reports suggest that while Ragnarok will initially only be ad-hoc, an update will bring full online modes to it.

Then, next week, Tales of the Heroes: Twin Braves gets a demo (technically for PSP, but Vita owners can try it too) which coincides with the launch of Tales Of Innocence R on the Vita. At which point the handheld's sales might go up a bit. All c/o Andriasang which has some pretty new Ragnarok pics here.

Update: the other Tales of... game, Innocence R is also getting a demo. With the full game out next week, it'll have to arrive really quickly to be of value or will perhaps be used to tempt those who don't rush out and buy the it, which considering the game should be the Vita's first No. 1, won't be many.