Top 10 Most Wanted PS Vita games

Japanese magazine Famitsu has been polling its users again, to find out what they most want on the Vita, the results are pretty straightforward., Uncharted is clearly the pick of the bunch, and given that Hot Shots was one of the best-selling PSP titles it will always do well.

01. Uncharted (361 votes)
02. Hot Shots Golf 6 (315 votes)
03. Persona 4 The Golden (192 votes)
04. Ridge Racer (146 votes)
05. Shin Kamaitachi no Yoru (129 votes)
06. Disgaea 3 Return (126 votes)
07. Dynasty Warriors Next (109 votes)
08. Katamari Damacy Novita (71 votes)
09. Tales of Innocence R (69 votes)
10. Army Corps of Hell (67 votes)

For me, the top four seem pretty solid purchases, even Ridge after the recent fuss,