GTA III headed to Android, no Xperia Play?

This shows how fast the gaming world is moving on phones. Classic game Grand Theft Auto III is coming to newer iPhone (4 and 4S, plus iPad 2) and some Android devices, but the Xperia Play - the one phone ideal for the job, with proper controls - isn't on the list.

UPDATE: Finally, after a week of arsing about, Sony Ericsson announced GTA III for the Xperia Play

The game is out next week for £2.99 and celebrates the games 10th birthday. Hopefully it will be playable on the Xperia Play, not sure I want to all that fighting and driving on a touchscreen - more news next week I guess.

Update: Word from Sony Ericsson's PR is they haven't heard anything about this title yet - hot on the case, obviously!


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