Ridge Racer DLC, some free, some priced, will extend the game

Traditionally, you played Ridge Racer for the first week of your new PlayStation's life, got it out to show friends and then left it for the odd nostalgia play. Not with the Vita version.- this baby will run and run thanks to the drip-feed DLC approach.

The list of content for Japan is as follows: (c/o Andriasang), the music packs are free (I'd be pissed off if I was charged for old music) with cars and tracks coming later and priced either individually or as an all-in-one offer (1,000 yen is about £8..50, $13)

December 22: 
Demo version
Music Pack 1 (music from Ridge Racer Type 4)
Music Pack 2  (music from Ridge Racer Type 4) 

January 12:
Music Pack 3 Ridge Racer V #1,
Music Pack 4 Ridge Racers #1  (the PSP title)

January 19:
Music Pack 5 Ridge Racers #2

January 26:
Music Pack 6 Ridge Racers #3

February 2:
Music Pack 7 Ridge Racer 6 #1

February 9:
Music Pack 8 Ridge Racer 6 #2

February 16: 
Ridge Racer Pass. Priced ¥1,600, this will let you purchase all DLC that will be released between February and May. Through February 29, this will be discounted to ¥1,000.

February 23: Car 1 Promessa, priced ¥250, and Course 1 Old Central, priced ¥400. These two will be free through February 29. Also due on the 23rd is Music Pack 10 Ridge Racer 7 #1, also free.

March 3: Cars 2 to 4, priced ¥250 each, and Course 2 and 3, priced ¥400 each. Music Pack 11 to 15, available for free. A "Medley" will also be released, priced ¥100.

April to May: Cars 5 to 8, priced ¥250 each, and Course 4 to 6 priced ¥400, Music Pack 16 to 19 free, and New Song Pack 2 and Medley 2 for ¥100 each.