Latest pics and news on Zipper's Unit 13 for Vita

The first screens for Zipper's Unit 13 action game have hit for PS Vita and look pretty smart. The company has also made a few tweets about it, in response to questions, saying the game offers "competition through leaderboards and it does include co-op play, though not head-to-head death match."

So, are you ready to cooperate with other gamers rather than snipe their heads off? The game offers fast action, on-the-go gameplay, allowing players to move quickly into the action, choosing from one of six Operatives with unique abilities to tackle 36 action-packed missions across nine unique locales.

Missions come in a variety of sizes and difficulty. Some are smaller bite-sized battles; others are longer, more challenging, multi-objective missions that are a good test for any skilled shooter fan. As you make your way through the variety of missions, you unlock the right to take on the tougher High Value Target (HVT) enemy battles. After completing an HVT mission, you can share them with friends and nearby players through PlayStation Vita’s “NEAR” feature.

Like Ridge Racer on Vita, it will offer Daily Challenges to keep you playing, The Zipper team have used Vita’s Wi-Fi and 3G functionality to provide exceptional social gaming and competition with friends and opponents from around the world. Unit 13’s live notification interface, enabled through 3G, keeps players up to date on leaderboard positions, new “Daily Challenge” content, new unlocks, shared High Value Target missions, and challenges from friends as they move past you on the leaderboards.

The co-op modes will come with voice chat, so you can bark orders and apologise for fragging your friends!

I was hoping for some surprise announcements in advance of the launch and this along with MotoStorm RC are just the kind of the thing the Vita needs to get off to a roaring start.