GameGadget Won't Rival Vita, But Good for Retro Gamers

There's always been a funny little market for unofficial consoles and this GameGadget is the latest to line up alongside the Gizmodo and other oddities. Looking rather Game-and-Watch, it will offer a way to "buy legal and secure downloads of their favourite games through an iTunes style application onto a single portable device."

Gamers and coders also be able to create their own titles, using Linux-based libraries. Using an app store, titles will be easily ported and sold, with a share of the profits of the originals going to the creators. There's no word on the power of the device but for $99 you can get a decent processor and small GPU to handle stuff. Looks like there are shoulder buttons for six button gaming.

Just wonder what level of games developer will sign up for this? You can already get Spectrum, C64 and MegaDrive titles on the iOS and Android, so is it really needed? We'll see. More to the point, how long before it is rooted and running MAME?