Download the Lords of Apocalypse PSP demo now

Grab it here, I'm downloading it now - remember it'll probably be all in Japanese but most Square games are easy enough to bluff your way through.

Will update with thoughts and a mini-guide later. The download is only around 65Mb and should give us a nice idea of the mechanics.

Right, got it going. Click Start to get past the Man-of-deep-voice/girl-of-squeaky-voice intro scenes.

Choose a level, a weapon type and then your party characters and head out into the wilds. Run straight out the first door. There's some back on forth on the three parts of the map, so keep checking it.

In the play area, face buttons act as camera, stick moves you and your attacks are mapped to the icons on the lower right. Left trigger brings up health and other extras, right trigger is lock-on (useful on the bigger monsters).

Rush into an area, attack the nasties until you get the key or treasure chest to move on to the next area. Seems to be it so far, obviously missing out on all the stats and refinery if you could understand what was going on but still good fun.