An actual Sony PSP E1000 Advert

I cannot believe my eyes, an actual ad for the new PSP E1000 just flashed up on TV during The Simpsons. Channel 4 in the UK has a competition (pretty much an ad) showing off the new handheld and the likes of Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet and others, enter the competition to win one of five units, plus five games.

I was wondering when Sony was going to get around to marketing the new model, and from this first impression, looks like they're doing a pretty good job, right demographic and everything. Note, I also saw an Amazon web ad for it too today, and remember its a fiver off there.

UPDATE: And now there's been a neat grafitti-laden banner ad on this very site with a link to the Amazon offer, looks like the Sony marketing machine is finally kicking in.

On a stranger note, my blog is getting hammered with "PSP E1000 89.99" searches from Google, so either someone is trying to find out who's talking about it, or there are a lot of interested people out there. Just pray they never find Sony's coming soon for PSP page that lists exactly four games - non-smiley face.