The Treasures of Monetzuma (PSN) Review

The Treasures of Monetzuma (PSN) Review

This game is probably out on just about every system known to man, but the first time I've come across it is on the PSP (although I might have played an early PC version back in the shareware days), and I'm glad I had the chance to find it on a portable, because I've been playing it in the lounge, kitchen and bedroom, such is its addictive power.

Its one of those simple tile games, swap a pair of stones around to create lines of three or more, which then explode - scoring you points. You need to get rid a certain number of gemstones each level to proceed and can liven things up by planning chain reactions, cascades - and in later levels using special weapons or bonus to wreak havoc on the board.

That's it really, nothing dramatic beyond the dynamite, time bonuses and other tricks which you'll need to keep you alive in the later levels. However, somehow, this game is a perfect match for my gaming DNA - those four of five minutes of time flash by in what seems more like a minute, while ruthlessly hunting out the gems and eradicating them.

The graphics are well-defined, the sounds okay, if a little lacking in Montezuma-ishness, but this isn't a game that relies on glossy effects - although a Jeff Minter version would be awesome - imagine the llamas. There are loads of levels to battle through, some trophies to collect and a savage gaming challenge.

And the best news is that the developers have the PS Vita version (see video above) almost finished and ready to go. I'm not sure if the touchscreen will add to the experience, but from the fun I've got from Montezuma in just a couple of days, its a definite buy.

Available on PSN for £1.74 [Alawar]
9/10 Personally the most fun I've got out of any mini since FieldRunners.
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