PSV US Release Date: 12 January 2012?

UPDATED: Sony has now announced the official western release date as 22 February (more here). 

Someone at Geek Hangover has some info, that may or may not prove to accurate, but lists 12 Jan 12 as the U.S. release date for the PS Vita. Sure, its a nice neat date, but with Japan selling out of pre-orders before their 17 December launch, will Sony really have enough stock to cover both markets in any depth by that time?

That date does however make sense as a pre-order launch date similar to the Japanese one that started this week ahead of a March launch. It all really depends on how fast Sony can churn out the product at the factory gates. Apple supposedly sold four million iPhone 4S over the weekend, across a handful of countries. If Sony can run that level of production and supply chain wizardry - it can sustain a multi-region near simultaneous launch, much less than that and it would struggle to meet demand.