Katamari Vita gets a saucy title for America

Katamari will launch with the PS Vita on 22 February next year, but it won't be any old Katamari, in the U.S. at least, it'll be Touch My Katamari, which has all kinds of juvenile connotations. There's some basic info on the US PSN blog post from Namco and while we pretty much know the drill for this game, the Vita adds another level of play:

Players use their fingers to stretch and squeeze the ball into oblong shapes that will help the Prince navigate under short passageways or into narrow crevasses. Just a quick tap of both fingers on the rear panel and *SPROOOIIING* – your Katamari is perfectly spherical again!

Wonder if the British version will be called Carry on Katamari where you have to chase busty ladies in 60s outfits around the levels?