Hackers Trying to Break into PSN Accounts, again

Despite the massive downtime earlier in the year, the in-depth investigations, promises of improved security, free games and all the other hoo-haa, it looks like Sony hasn't managed to shut all the gates around the PSN system.

Hackers have accessed a PSN and Sony Online account database somehow (Sony says it came from outside their servers) and tried to login on to some 90,000+ accounts. Most attempts failed, suggesting it was a rather old list and those affected will be users who didn't bother changing their password after the last break in.

Those that were accessed have been frozen and the real user sent reset details, so in most senses, Sony's security seems to be holding firm but you have to start wondering how many databases are out there in the wild with partners and others that aren't quite so secure.

Credit Card details were not on the database, so your account remains safe, but if you happen to be one of the unlucky few whose account was accessed, check for unexpected transactions - Sony have offered to restore any balances affected.