Syndicate Trailer, nothing the PS Vita can't do?

Given the power of the Vita to track the level of game that the PS3, I'm wondering why games like this aren't appearing on the Vita's roster?

Is it more of a political decision to only release certain types of major game on the big-screen consoles only? Certainly there's been no rush to move Fallout, Fable, Dead Space or similar 'cinematic' or expansive games to the mini-screen.

Sure, I can understand the memory limits in some of the bigger games (but just how many BD-only  or multi-DVD dual-layer games are there?), but there seems to be no other technical limitation.

Raw graphics can be scaled down for storage, if it isn't already squeezed down - so what's stopping developers adding another line of sale to their games. I'll check and see which Sony-only titles aren't breaking out of the PS3 way - but when I get my Vita I'll start being rather cross if there's still a strong streak of PS3-only games as there is basically no real need for it, other than politics and marketing.

Anyone else wondering why some games aren't headed to the smaller screen? Or have insight as to which games Sony would rather keep off one format and on another?