Speedball 2 Smacking up your PSP

Classic sports-brawler SpeedBall 2 from the legendary Bitmap Brothers is making another comeback on the PSP, out on October 4/5 depending on your PSN. The Evolution version of the game has been about on the iPhone but really needs proper controls to enjoy properly.

This does beg the question when do we get Xenon 2: Megablast and some Super Nashuan Power back? And with Syndicate also rearing its head again, looks like a good time for the true classics of gaming.

It will feature:

- 9 Game Modes (Quick Match, Customizable Challenges, Champions League and Career Mode)
- 28 Speedball Teams (16 Classic Teams and 12 Intergalactic Teams)
- Full Player Transfer Market (with 336 individual, upgradable Players)
- 6 Speedball Arenas on 4 different planets
- Tons of Power-ups, Pick-ups and Achievements