Sony's Tokyo Games Show Site Goes Live

Here's the link for the live event, forthcoming unveiling and new goodies to come. Sony lists a host of PS Vita titles plus the 18 "to be revealed" mystery games. View in Google Chrome for instant translation.

BLAZBLUE Continuum EXTEND SHIFT, Arc System Works
Dynasty Warriors NEXT, Tecmo Koei Games
Asphalt: injection (injection asphalt), Konami Digital Entertainment
Devil with the king and the seven -story Princess of people who to New King, Konami Digital Entertainment
Taisen Mahjong Fight Club nascent national edition, Konami Digital Entertainment
2 Shinobido Sange, Spike
Power Smash 4, SEGA
Uncharted - the beginning of an adventure without a map, Sony Computer Entertainment
GRAVITY DAZE / Vertigo Gravitational, Sony Computer Entertainment
Everybody's GOLF NEXT ( tentative ), Sony Computer Entertainment
Night Kamaitachi true 11 th visitor (suspect), CHUNSOFT
Disgaea Disgaea 3 Return, Nippon Ichi Software
RIDGE (tentative), NAMCO