Sony Vita All the TGS Pics and Videos

The one page for all the content from the games announced at the Sony Event yesterday. Click to enlarge most pics.

For newer pics and videos, including the Ridge Racer trailer and Square Enix pics, please see here

Zone of the Enders now has a trailer:

Three new pics for Dynasty Warriors, probably the game we've seen most of since the first PSV announcement earlier in the year:

Two pics from Square's all new Armies of Hell (or Army Corps of Hell - depending on whose translation you believe):

A first screenshot of Ridge Racer Vita

Next up Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3:

Next up a couple of leaked Ys pics:

A couple of pics from Street Fighter x Tekken with Koro, some dumb mystery guest:

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 video:

Power Smash Tennis 4

Sony's PS Vita Social Video: