Ruin on PS3 and PS Vita Offers Social Dungeoneering

A new post up on the PlayStation blog shows off how far the developers of Ruin, Idol Minds, are thinking in terms of social and core gaming meeting head-on. Ruin is pretty much Diablo, but with big dragon-sized knobs on. For a start, each player has a lair, which acts as their home base plus a run through just a few of the many rare artefacts that can be used to boost powers, give new skills and so on.

With co-op and competition modes, the fun will come with the game matching you against players at the right level, who have the missing items that you need to fill your lair... its a good read and great to see developers thinking beyond the game in a box.

UPDATE: Ruin vanished off the radar around launch and is now known as Warrior's Lair, with the game moved back into Sony's San Diego Studios for completion. Perhaps Idol Minds bit off more than it could chew in the interplay stakes or the PS3/Vita interface is more complicated than expected.