Rayman Origins Trailer for PS Vita

Didn't pay much attention to this first time around, but having had another look, I like the style of the game (seems to have borrowed from some recent indie platformers) but am a bit worried that the speed and slightly more aggressive nature make it a bit less 'Rayman,' wasn't he more about avoiding trouble in the first games, or is it just me?


  1. The graphics and animation both look great. I'm just not too keen on the fact that there wont be any multiplayer in the Vita version. That's the only thing that may stop me from buying this title.

  2. Of all the games I'd enjoy in multiplayer mode, I'm pretty sure Rayman isn't one of them. Its not like there's a Mario-style family of well known characters to choose from...

    Now LBP multiplayer on Vita, that would be something.


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