PS Vita Memory Cards Priced Up

Now TGS is winding down, Sony has revealed the pricing of its memory cards for the PS Vita:

  • 4GB 2,200yen (£18, $29)
  • 8GB 3,200yen (£26, $42)
  • 6GB 5,500yen (£45, $72)
  • 32GB 9,500yen (£78, $124)

Yep, they're expensive but here's a quick history lesson. If you want to play technology first, you pay a premium price. Personally, this has been true since the Sinclair ZX81 and its 16K RAM pack, and likely even before then, it will be true after we’re all dead and until the cosmos dies.

Over time, prices become cheaper,  more people can buy things and fairly soon, third parties like SanDisk and Lexar will have cheaper versions on the market. Also, they are nowhere near as expensive as PSP memory when it first came out, (128MB cost me £29) So, there is no need to panic and no need to feel ripped off IF YOU CHOOSE to buy something.

Let’s do the maths for those who are somehow confused by this:

PS Vita = sexy and expensive technology being sold AT A LOSS
Peripherals = cheap technology being sold AT A PROFIT

Sony needs PROFIT to exist as a company; no Sony = no consoles, no games to play, gamers cry…